Are you feeling like your website might be past its prime? It might be time for a website redesign. Here are some questions and items to consider when deciding if now is the right time for a new website.

Things to Consider for a Website Redesign:

Are Visitors Recognizing Your Brand When They Visit Your Website?

Is your site still a dime piece? Or has your brand grown and left your website behind? It’s important that not only the colors and styles of your brand are updated, but also the content. Your company might have new goals or even a whole new personality and your website should represent that.

Is it resistant to change? Updating your site shouldn’t make you want to pull your hair out. As an extension of your business, it should be constantly updated; and just like the frontend of your site, the backend should be clean and clear to navigate. It should be easy to constantly update in a content editor, not hardcoded. Adding images, links, and new pages shouldn’t take all day!

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Have Your Conversions or Sales Started to Decrease?

Is her milkshake still bringing all the users to the yard? Maybe it’s time to start looking at your landing pages and calls to action. Take a deep dive into the layout of those pages.

Are you sending the right message? Or is the message not even being found? If not, then now is the time to make the changes to your customers’ journey and what they see along the way.

Can it roll with the punches? Is your site optimized for mobile (responsive)? If not, it should be! Depending on your target demographic, users might only be viewing your website on mobile. And if your site can’t adapt, users will quickly run away.

Is Your Site Compatible with All Modern Browsers?

Can you find her in a crowd? As a business, you should be aware of how your site is performing on all platforms. As we know, not all browsers are the same but it’s important your website doesn’t falter with any of them.

Are You Being Found Through Search Engines?

Remember your website is a living entity, it needs continual attention to grow and thrive. Just like a house plant needs water and sunshine, your website needs new or updated content to stay relevant to search engines. 

What are the analytics telling you? It’s important to know where users are coming to your site from and what pages they land on. Knowing this information will not only help you be found but help you be SEEN!

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What Journey is Your User Taking?

Does it take a map and a compass to navigate through your site? Just like a road trip, the user has a final destination, but getting there shouldn’t be difficult or boring! User journey maps are a great tool to help visualize the user’s interactions. These findings will help the designer prioritize each task according to the user’s needs. When creating a user journey map there are three things to consider; User persona, scope, and touchpoints.

Who is my user?